A1 Rental Vans has a 24-Hour cancelation policy. Free cancellation and full refund are available if a reservation is canceled within 24 hours of the made reservation. This does not apply to reservations made within 72 hours of pick up and will be charged the full deposit for cancelation. A deposit of 33 percent of estimated rental charges are due at reservation. 

Any cancellations after the 24-hour cancelation window will be charged a deposit of 33 percent of total rental charges. Rental cancellations on the day of or after will be charged for the entire reservation amount. No exceptions. A1 Rental Vans will not provide a refund if you fail to provide all required documents at the time of vehicle pick up and/or trip interruption not caused by A1 Rental Vans. (COVID is not a valid excuse) All cancellations and date changes must be requested via email only. 

No-call no-show policy: Your payment secures your vehicle and reservation dates. No call/No show will be charged the entire duration of the reservation plus fees. No exceptions. Rental Requirements 

  1. Must have a Major Credit Card to rent from us. No prepaid or secured cards. 
  2. Valid Driver’s License. After the reservation, you must email us your Drivers License copy front and back and Insurance information. We must receive this to complete the reservation. 
  3. All Drivers must provide proof of liability insurance that covers vehicle rentals, as well as Comprehensive/Collision coverage transferable to rental cars/vans. 
  4. Additional Drivers can be added free of charge to the rental agreement if they have the same policy number as the renter. Anybody with a new policy will be charged an additional fee and will need to provide a Driver’s License and Full coverage insurance. 
  5. If you do not have comprehensive/collision damage waiver coverage, then you will be required to purchase the coverage from us. A-1 Rental Vans offers collision protection insurance which covers only the vehicle you rent up to $20,000 dollars in case of an accident. The collision protection does not cover the other vehicle involved in any accidents and collision protection does not cover any kind of property damages. Collision protection also does not cover damage to the windshield. There is a deductible of 350 dollars in case of an accident for collision protection. 
  6. We will only rent to customers who carry Liability and Collision and Comprehensive insurance, which covers rental cars. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance carrier whether your insurance covers rental cars prior to reserving with us. 
  7. We do not accept, Lincoln Insurance Access insurance, Magnum Insurance, Insurance on the Spot, Amigo, Unique Insurance, Lighthouse Insurance, Safe Auto, United Auto Insurance, Loya Insurance, SR-22. Must be a major carrier and have transferred to rental vehicle. 2 / 3 7) International/Foreign Customers must bring their Foreign or International Driver’s License Translated to English to legally drive in the USA and Canada. 

Must have Liability and Collision and Comprehensive Insurance to drive legally in USA/Canada. Reservation Modifications: We understand unexpected events in life happened and trips may change. We offer cancellation deferment; however, you will be required to maintain the same number of days or more and rent original vehicle type for a free date change. The daily rate may be the same or increase depending on the time of your rental. 

Please email us if you wish to change the date. All requests should be received 14 days before the rental pick update. Dates are subject to change based on vehicle availability. Payment Requirements A1 accepts all major credit cards and debit cards for payment. Renter must bring the main credit card used for deposit payment. Credit card holders must be present at the time of pick up. All rentals require a Credit/Debit card authorization hold up to $400.00. 

If the credit card holder cannot be present on the pick-up date, a credit card authorization form, credit card image (front & back), cardholder’s state ID and proof of residency will be required on site. If you are using a credit card that is not in your name, there will be a $1000 security deposit added to your estimated rental charges. 

Also, you must fill out a credit card authorization form. As long as there are no additional charges or fees upon return, the security deposit will be returned to your card within 2-3 business days. Any other payment outside of debit or credit card must be given 5 business days before clearing payment and must be authorized by management before pick up.