Why Rent With Us?

A1 Rental Vans

Looking for efficient, affordable and hassle free van rental service? You are in the right place! We've got your back. We pride ourselves on the fact that we sincerely care about our customers. This makes us different, in a right way. We continually make our services meet the unique needs of all our amazing clients. Your satisfaction is all we are after. In simple terms, your satisfaction gives us joy!

No doubt, there are some terrible rental services, sadly! There are vehicles in severe conditions, unbelievably high prices and poor customer service. Fortunately, our van rental service is top notch and pocket-friendly. Depending on your specific needs, our vans have a range of 11-15 seats.

Why rent our vans?

There are so many great reasons to patronize us. Our vans are spotless, this you'll notice at first glance; that we sincerely care about the cleanliness of our vans, and as such, we regularly and thoroughly make sure they are clean and dirt free. From the seats to the rugs and the exterior, we ensure that no matter the van you rent from us, you would be impressed at first sight.

We also carry out regular maintenance on our vans. It is our policy to make sure all our vehicles are 100% road worthy. When you rent our vans, we guarantee that your journey would be safe and smooth, without any breakdown. You will be impressed at the optimum condition of our vans.

We have everything you need, and we are confident you will call on us when you require our services, and as always, we will respond promptly.