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Rental Policies

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A-1 Rental Vans Requirements

All customers who rent a vehicle from us must meet the following requirements:

  • 1. All customers must have a current valid US driver's license to rent a vehicle
  • 2. All renters’ must have at least the current valid liability insurance in order to rent a vehicle
  • 3. All drivers must be 21 years of age or above to operate/drive our vehicles
  • 4. You must be fit to drive and in good health (i.e. good eyesight). We cannot rent you the vehicle if we feel that you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that prevents you from driving our vehicle safely. A1 Rental Vans have the right to deny any rentals in those situations
  • If a customer only has liability insurance, they must purchase RCP Insurance (Renters Collision Protection) to cover the rental vehicle in case of an accident.

All Reservations Made Online Must be Confirmed by Calling Our Office Directly at 1-773-673-9203

A1 Insurance Policies

  • 1. All renters need to have their own full coverage insurance with any insurance companies in order to rent vans from us and a copy of the insurance card must be produced before the rentals in order for us to verify. All renters have an option to use their own full coverage insurance or they have an option to purchase RCP insurance from us. Customers who want to use their own insurance must call their insurance company and verify the insurance company will cover the rental vehicle in case of an accident.
  • 2. A-1 Rental Vans offers RCP insurance which covers only the vehicle you rent up to 20,000 dollars in case of an accident. The RCP does not cover the other vehicle involved in any accidents and RCP does not cover any kind of property damages. RCP also does not cover damage to the windshield. There is a deductible of 250 dollars in case of an accident for RCP.

A-1 Vehicle Maintenance and Renter's Responsibility

A-1 Rental Vans requires all customers to report any warning lights that they see in the vehicle to us or take the van to the nearest dealerships for further inspection and checking.

Some models of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters vans need a refill of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This fluid helps make the Sprinter a very low emission vehicle. You will get a warning light when DEF refill is required. DEF is sold at most auto parts stores, Walmart, gas stations and is inexpensive and it is very easy to refill. Please keep your receipt and we will be more than happy to reimburse you.

All customers are responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle rented. The renter will be charged $250 for any kind of spills or stains on the seats or the floor during the time of the rental.

Renters must return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel at the time they picked up the van. If someone fails to refill the fuel, we will charge $5 per gallon to refill the tank.

Smoking of any kind is not allowed in the vehicle, this includes vaping products. Smoke is considered damage to the vehicle and will be charged $350 fee plus a $50 service fee.

Because of the safety and liability reasons A1 Rental Vans do not supply snow chains and do not recommend you drive anywhere that requires snow chains. In the event of unexpected bad weather, we advise you to stop and park the van in a safe place. We also recommend that you avoid driving in areas prone to extreme snowstorms. If you do use snow chains you do so at your own responsibility and if there is any damage to the van, as a result, will be your own responsibility.

A1 Rental Vans Mechanical Repair Policy

In the event of any mechanical breakdown, contact A-1 Rental Vans at 1 (773) 673 9203, 1 (331)315-6726, If you cannot get the van repaired in less than 24 hours, then you need to find a suitable replacement vehicle by yourself. We are not responsible for your new rental or trip interruption. We will terminate our rental agreement at the time of your mechanical failure and reimburse any unused days of your rental.

Occasionally there are situations where maintenance or repairs will be necessary. Should a mechanical repair be necessary during your rental, please be assured that A1 will reimburse you for all authorized mechanical repairs, provided that the repair is not due to misuse of the vehicle. Please present the receipts for all repairs when returning the vehicle. The renter must inform us of any repairs prior to servicing the vehicle. All repairs over $100 require our approval.

A1 Rental Vans Accident Policy

In the event of an accident, no matter how large or small, we require that you notify our office first at 1-(773) 673-9203, 1 (331) 315-6726 and call 911. We also require you to provide us with a copy of the accident police report.

A1 Rental Vans Prohibited Use

Renters are not allowed to drive our vehicles on unpaved surfaces or off roads. Our vehicles are allowed to drive in the entire U.S. and Canada and are not allowed to drive in Mexico. Prohibited use of our vehicle violates our rental agreement, voids all our liability and other RCP insurance coverage, and will make vehicles subject to immediate recovery by A-1 Rental Vans. Please refer to the rental agreement.

Road America Roadside Assistance

We have a 24-hour nationwide road service available. If you need emergency roadside assistance anywhere in the, continental U.S. or Canada, simply call 1 (877) 373-9761. When you call the roadside service, be prepared to provide the customer care representative the following information:

  • 1. Your name and the name of the rental car company.
  • 2. Vehicle make, model, and the last 10 of the vehicle identification number, located on the dash or on the driver's door jam.
  • 3. Exact location of the vehicle if known like street address, mile markers, etc.
  • 4. Nature of the trouble like a flat tire, issue with starting etc.
  • 5. Phone number you are calling from.

Roadside assistance must be contacted to repair flat tires and renters are not authorized to fix flat tires on their own.

However, please also call us to let us know that you are having problems. Please contact our central office immediately by calling 1 (773) 673-9203, 1 (331) 315-6726.

Transponders, Tickets, Tolls

The renter is responsible for all tickets, violations, toll fees, and parking fees during the time of their rental. We strongly recommend our renters to pay all tickets as they receive them. If we receive a ticket in the mail, we will email you a notice with directions on how to pay the ticket by yourself, with no extra charges. However, if the ticket remains unpaid, we will charge a $50 administration fee to pay the ticket on your behalf. The customers can use their own I pass or pay tolls as they go or can purchase, I-pass from us with a nominal fee.

A-1 Payment Policy

A-1 Rental Vans accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, quick pay systems, checks and cash. All reservations made online or over the phone need a $250 dollar or more deposit (depending on make and model), which will be held as a deposit towards your rental and will be refunded immediately upon the return of the vehicle. The total estimate for the rentals will be charged on the day of your rental upfront and the cost for extra miles used other than your allowed free miles will be charged at the end of your rental. The renter guarantees the reservation with the credit card expressly authorizes A-1 Rental Vans to process the credit card for any other associated charges due under the agreement unless other payment arrangements have been made in advance. The renter is responsible for all the tolls, tickets, red light camera violations or any other violations occurred during the period of your rental. There will be a discount for all payments made by cash depending on the duration of the rental.

All renters must bring a debit or credit card showing your name on it and must bring any current utility bills to prove your current address. All renters must sign our credit card authorization form agreeing that they are responsible for paying any cost associated with your rentals. A-1 Rental Vans have the right to decline your rental if anyone does not meet all our rental requirements. The person who made the reservation online or over the phone must come to our office at the time of the rental. You can also authorize anyone else to pick up the van if you are not available, in that case, we can use only the information of the person who will be coming to our office for picking the van up. We will be using the credit or debit card of the person who will be coming to pick up the van at the time of the rental.

A1 Rental Vans Cancellation Policy

All cancellations made prior to one week of travel date will be charged 100 dollars and within one week will be charged the entire deposit. This fee includes the credit card processing fee, cancellation fee, and administrative charges. All cancellations must be made by contacting our office directly at 1-773-673-9203.

A-1 Rental Vans Safety

Our vans have a high ceiling and extended air conditioner on the roof of the vehicle, so you are not allowed to use a drive-through and any parking garages less than 12 feet high and cannot accommodate the length of the van of 23 feet.

It is your responsibility to obey the traffic rules and regulations of the places you visit. Also, we recommend you drive at a very low speed or stop in a safe place during windy, snowy or any hazardous conditions. Everyone needs to be secured with seat belts on while the vehicle is moving. All customers need to bring their own car seats if needed. Always drive within the speed limits and follow the rules of the road.

A-1 Rental Vans Mileage Restrictions

There is a mileage limit of 250 free miles per day. Any overage will be charged 0.33 cents per mile and will be collected when the vehicle is returned back to the rental location.

Fuel Type

Sprinter and Ford vans depending on the model takes Unleaded Gasoline. Please make sure you fill the tank with the correct fuel type. (Please Contact Us if in doubt)

A1 Rental Vans Non-Smoking and Vaping Policy

Smoking absolutely is not allowed in all our vehicles. Cigarette smells at return can cost the customer at least $350 for cleanup and detailing and $50 service charge